Eyebrow lift



With the passage of time, the position eyebrows can get lower. For women, the ideal place for the eyebrow is 1cm above the edge of the eye socket, for men, it is right at the edge. As pressure on the upper eyelids increases if the eyebrow drops, this can sometimes lead to complaints. There are various methods to carry out an eyebrow and forehead “lift”. One method uses keyhole surgery to lift the entire forehead: the so-called “endoscopic forehead lift”. A small incision is made beyond the hairline and a small camera is placed under the skin and muscles of the forehead. Two further incisions are made beyond the hairline, through which various instruments are inserted to loosen the muscles and other material from the underlying bone so that the lift can be carried out effectively. Subsequently, all elements are fixed with a small, temporary screw (or “anchor”) in the skull. See the description of “forehead lift” as well.

These days, the “classic” forehead lift is used less often. In this procedure, a strip of skin is removed just beyond or just in front of the hairline (depending on the height of the forehead). The disadvantage of this procedure is that the scar is quite long.

In some cases it is possible to implement an eyebrow lift by making two smaller incisions just in front of, or beyond, the hairline. This is called a “lateral (or temporal) brow” lift. This method is particularly suitable to lift sagging of the outer eyebrow. It can be carried out on an outpatient basis under a local anaesthetic. The advantage is that there is less scarring and that it is a less invasive surgery. However, the possibilities of this technique are more limited. But for some patients, it is the best solution for their particular problem.

Finally, the eyebrow could be given a “direct” lift. By direct we mean that a strip of skin is removed from directly above the eyebrow, which results in a higher eyebrow position. However, this technique does leave a scar behind and above the eyebrow. That is why we usually only perform this procedure on older men. They usually have more skin folds on the forehead that will hide the scar. In the first weeks/months after the procedure, the scar is a little darker in colour. Over the course of time, the ageing process will render the scar lighter and less noticeable.

To work out which type of eyebrow or forehead lift is best for you, make an appointment for a consultation with one of our plastic surgeons at our clinic.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]