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Experience Mandy

All my life I had breast with cup size A that weren’t in line with the rest of my figure. Getting a breast enlargement was something I had thought about several times. Through the internet I came across the website of clinic Blooming. Their approach really appealed to me. I immediately made an appointment and a week later, I could come over.  Right away the clinic showed that their working method, as described on the website, is not just a marketing tool. The entire clinic completely lives up to it.  Dr. Melis right away managed to put me at ease and spared no time to answer all my questions extensively. All my doubts disappeared completely thanks to him. The treatment followed shortly thereafter and was painless. Which unfortunately does not apply to the period after the treatment. For several weeks I could not bend or lift. In addition I had trouble falling asleep at night. Fortunately, the medication did help a lot and shortly after all that pain was gone. What remains is a beautiful, very natural result. I’ve never felt this feminine before! The result is more than I could have dreamed of! Thank you Dr. Melis!