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Abdominoplasty Aerdenhout


General anesthesia

Operation duration

120 – 180 minutes

Recovery time

7 – 14 days

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Why do Aerdenhout residents choose Blooming Plastic Surgery?

Aerdenhout residents choose Blooming Plastic Surgery for a tummy tuck for several reasons, including:

  • Experience and expertise: Blooming Plastic Surgery has a team of experienced plastic surgeons who specialize in abdominoplasty. They have the knowledge and skills to conduct safe and effective operations.
  • Personalized approach: At Blooming Plastic Surgery, the patient is the focus. Each patient receives a comprehensive consultation and an individualized treatment plan tailored to their specific needs and expectations. This creates results that look natural and fit the patient’s body.
  • Advanced technologies: The clinic uses the latest technologies and techniques in plastic surgery. This helps achieve optimal results.
  • Aftercare and Support: After surgery, Blooming Plastic Surgery offers comprehensive aftercare and support. They ensure that patients recover well and are satisfied with their results.
  • Safety and Comfort: Patient safety and comfort are top priorities at Blooming Plastic Surgery. The clinic is equipped with modern facilities and follows strict hygiene standards. They also have a dedicated team of healthcare professionals dedicated to the patient’s well-being, both during surgery and during the recovery period.w
  • Location: Bloemendaal is easily accessible to Aerdenhout residents, making it a convenient choice for their plastic surgery needs.

All of these factors contribute to Blooming Plastic Surgery’s popularity among Aerdenhout residents looking for a reliable and professional clinic for their tummy tuck.

Blooming Plastic Surgery is a clinic specialising in plastic surgery located in Haarlem. Every day we deal with treatments in non-insured care where professionalism, high-quality care and personal attention are paramount. The clinic is part of the Plastic Surgery Beverwijk partnership. Our plastic surgeons in Haarlem have years of experience in performing abdominoplasties, among other things, and are therefore happy to assist you. Professional care with a personal touch within a reliable environment is what we stand for.

A tummy tuck involves correcting a sagging abdomen. Due to slimming, pregnancy or aging, your abdominal wall may sag so much that a “hanging belly” develops. This can be corrected by removing excess skin, removing excess fat and possibly adding muscle.

Learn more about abdominoplasty
Learn more about abdominoplasty:


Travel time by car from the center of Aerdenhout is 13 minutes.

Travel time by public transportation from the center of Aerdenhout is 39 minutes.

Travel time by bicycle from the center of Aerdenhout is 34 minutes.