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Monday9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
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The initial consultation

“An open and honest conversation about your needs and the possible outcomes.”

The initial consultation is an important introductory moment where we talk with you in an open and confidential manner about the result you want to achieve and we can achieve. We inform you about all aspects of the procedure and answer all your questions. Your first consultation always takes place with the plastic surgeon in charge. During this consultation you will get all the information about the treatment, the preparation for the treatment and the aftercare we offer. The cost of the initial consultation at Blooming Plastic Surgery is €100. We charge for the initial consultation because plastic surgery is a serious consideration that should be carefully considered. You only take this step once and we understand all too well that you probably have many questions. So during the initial consultation, we take the time to answer these questions. Are you not sufficiently informed after the first consultation? Then you can make a second appointment with the plastic surgeon free of charge. The amount will be deducted from the cost of your treatment.


When you want or need surgical treatment, you are looking for the best plastic surgeon. For you, this means getting the best quality, care and attention you can expect from us. We continue our efforts to provide the highest possible quality and always take plenty of time for you.


As required of us by laws and regulations, Blooming Plastic Surgery records data directly in a patient record. The carefully maintained medical record is important to the quality and continuity of care provided to the client. The purpose of the medical record is to provide good care to the client. The physician, but also, for example, the observer, the successor and other health care providers involved in the treatment, must be able to understand from the medical record the client’s medical background and situation. The medical record is also used for derived purposes such as quality assessment, quality control and scientific research. In addition, the medical record can play a role in accounting for medical actions, such as complaints and claims, even though it is not primarily intended for that purpose. We are required to register your BSN (citizen service number) in your record before offering you care. This is stated in the Act on the Use of Citizen Service Number in Healthcare (Wbsn-z).


Being well informed before any procedure is essential. During treatment, you will be guided to the best of your ability, but it doesn’t stop there. Optimal aftercare is a very important part of your procedure. For all treatments, we look at what aftercare is needed to get the best results. Therefore, for extensive procedures – often under general anesthesia – we choose to keep you in the hospital with us overnight. This allows us to monitor your recovery and prevent unnecessary complications. When you are discharged, you will be given an appointment for your first check-up, which will take place within two weeks after the procedure. Should you have questions or complaints earlier, you are of course welcome earlier. We will guide you where necessary. The check-up appointments can be both at the Blooming clinic and at the Rode Kruis Ziekenhuis in Beverwijk.

If necessary, such as when there is unexplained pain, redness or fever, you can contact us 24 hours a day. Your attending plastic surgeon or the plastic surgeon on duty can be reached during the day via clinic Blooming at the number 023-5444974. In the evening and night hours you can be connected to an emergency number and the doctor on duty via the menu. We are there for you when we need to be there! Also, if you have questions or doubts about treatment elsewhere, you can always contact us for a second opinion.

Terms and Conditions of Blooming Plastic Surgery

Blooming Clinic employs only BIG registered plastic surgeons who are all members of the NVPC and the NVEPC. All treatments are done by registered plastic surgeons. We act according to the Cosmetic Care Quality Framework.

General consumer conditions

Blooming Plastic Surgery has established “General Consumer Terms and Conditions” according to the guidelines of Zelfstandige Klinieken Nederland.

Treatment restrictions

In some cases, treatment restrictions have been instituted. This is done to reduce the risk of complications, or to comply with the rules of conduct as established by the NVPC. These ground rules are as follows:

  • no cosmetic procedures are performed on clients under the age of 18,
  • no surgical procedures are performed on people with a Body Mass Index above 32,
  • no facelift or open subcutaneous forehead lift will be done in people who smoke. (Note: it is the patient’s responsibility to be honest about this during the intake),
  • people with known body dismorphic disorder or other psychiatric illnesses that could affect their willpower are not treated in principle,
  • no surgical procedures are performed in patients with a hard indication for blood thinners.

In specific cases, Blooming plastic surgeons will not proceed with treatment if there is a medical risk or unethical practice.

Reflection period

In accordance with the guidelines, Clinic Blooming attaches value to allowing a certain reflection time between the consultation and possible surgery. This is to prevent people from starting a particular treatment hastily, insufficiently informed or without a reflection period. After the initial consultation, one of our staff may contact you by phone to ask if you have received enough information. If desired, there is the possibility of arranging a second consultation.

Waiting times

If desired, we can work with you to initiate treatment. The waiting time between the consultation and the actual operation varies per procedure. For local procedures, you can often have an appointment after one to two weeks, for example, eyelid surgery, liposuction or a liposuction. For procedures performed under general anesthesia, the waiting time is usually longer than two weeks. Think of breast augmentation, tummy tuck or facelift. This is advantageous for both parties because it allows you to prepare for the treatment.

Treatment Agreement

Treatment agreement means that a client consents to undergo a particular clinical examination and/or treatment, after the client has been extensively informed about this in advance by an expert. We attach great importance to providing complete information. We spend a lot of time and attention to informing our clients about the pros and cons of a surgical procedure. We attach great importance to the client’s understanding of the possible risks of treatment and try to find out to what extent the client’s expectations are realistic. If we feel that there are unrealistic expectations, we will not treat that client.


There is one treatment room at Blooming Plastic Surgery where minor surgical procedures can be performed without implants. In practice, only procedures under local anesthesia are performed here. All other forms of surgery and all procedures under anesthesia take place at the Spaarne Gasthuis, Medical Clinic Velsen or the Red Cross Hospital. For this, clients are first screened at the pre-operative outpatient anesthesia clinic at the respective hospitals.

Cost and reimbursement

At Blooming Plastic Surgery, only procedures are performed without medical indication. This means that costs for treatment are at your own expense. If you can claim reimbursement from your health insurance company, we recommend making an appointment at the hospital’s plastic surgery clinic.

CPR Policy

During any medical treatment, including during treatment at Blooming or one of the clinics where you have surgery, it is possible in very rare cases that you may become life-threateningly ill. In the worst cases, this can lead to cardiac arrest. Blooming has a policy that any client who goes into cardiac arrest will be resuscitated unless you have other wishes. You may decide not to be resuscitated or not to want specific treatments. In this case, it is very important that you make this clear to your attending plastic surgeon. We will then inform the care staff and make a note of this in your medical file. You can read more detailed information here.

Privacy and cookie statement

We would like to inform you as comprehensively as possible about the processing of your personal data. You can read the entire Privacy Statement and Cookie Statement here.