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Ear correction

An ear correction can be a solution if you feel insecure or unhappy with your floppy ears or the ears. For some people, floppy ears are an annoying phenomenon, sometimes resulting in psychological problems. With an ear correction we correct the position and shape of your descending ears, so that your uncertainty disappears completely. Events are found in 1 in 20 people and functionally have no disadvantage. They work just as well as ears that are closer to the head. Yet floppy ears are sometimes seen as a beauty error and that is why we perform ear corrections in adults and in children.

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The treatment process

How does the treatment process of an ear correction go?


Local anaesthesia

Operation duration

45 minutes

Recovery time

7 – 14 days

During the first consultation you discuss your questions, complaints and wishes together with your treating plastic surgeon. The surgeon then asked you about your expectations of the plastic surgery, so that he can immediately link them to the technical possibilities. The plastic surgeon also discusses how the treatment works exactly, he explains how the treatment process will proceed and he informs you about the possible risks and complications of the procedure.

There are € 100 consultation costs associated with a consultation. These are deducted from the final price of the treatment.

An ear correction and the straightening of ears can be performed under local anesthesia, but usually takes place under general anesthesia. In the first case, the procedure takes place at the outpatient clinic and you can go home after a few hours. If the ear correction is carried out under general anesthesia, you must stay in the hospital for a few hours. Sometimes an overnight stay is recommended.

Correction of ears

Correction of the operation makes the plastic surgeon a cut at the back of the ear. The crack -legged skeleton of the ear is remodeled and secured with stitches on the inside of the ear. This way the ear comes closer to the head. This creates a skin fold on the back. This surplus skin tissue removes the surgeon. Due to the incision that makes the plastic surgeon, a scar remains at the back of the ear after the operation. Fortunately, this place is very unobtrusive, which means that the scar will hardly be visible.

Correction of too large ears

If you are dissatisfied with the size and form of one or both ears, we can perform an ear correction. Have your earlobes become too large? During the procedure we correct this, so that they match the shape of your ear again. The surgeon tries to make the incisions of this procedure in inconspicuous places, so that the scars are less visible. This is possible, for example, in an existing skin fold.

In most cases you can go home the same day after an ear correction. It also happens that you stay in the hospital for one night. This way we can offer you the right aftercare. You can go home again as soon as the plastic surgeon and assistants find it justified. You may not drive yourself, make sure someone brings you home.

After an ear correction you get a tight bandage around your head, leave it for a week. Washing your hair will be less easy. After one to two weeks after the procedure you will visit us in the clinic for a check and the possible removal of stitches. You can then shower again at the same time and wash your hair. It is important that you dry your ears well after showering. In the meantime, after about ten days, you can also pick up light work again. Try to avoid stooping. If the bandage is removed, you will wear a hair band for about two to four weeks to protect the ears. Also during the day you must be careful with your ears, for example if you exercise. It often happens that the earcups remain a little red, swollen and sensitive for weeks. This will gradually disappear. You can take painkillers against the pain. With extreme pain and bleeding you must contact the plastic surgeon immediately. After six weeks you can exercise again, as long as you protect your ears well. After six weeks, the swelling and the sensitivity of your ears also begin to take.

The straightening of ears has the same risks as any other operation. The wound can start bleeding or an infection can occur. Fortunately this almost never occurs. The results of ear corrections are generally good. However, cartilage is a stubborn type of tissue that sometimes tends to return to its original form. That the ears remain straight and remain completely symmetrical can therefore never be guaranteed 100%. Occasionally it is necessary to make another correction, but a symmetrical result cannot be guaranteed.

Risks and complications that can occur after an ear correction are:


  • Allergic reaction to anesthesia
  • Disturbed wound healing
  • Swelling
  • Bleeding
  • Asymmetry

Very rare

  • Long -term sensitive ears
  • Forming highly thickened scars
  • Return from the ears

What does an ear correction cost?

Earlobe correction single-sided, 30 minutesfrom € 850,-Local anesthesiaYes
Earlobe correction bilateralfrom € 1.500,-Local anesthesiaYes
Single-sided ear correctionfrom € 1.500,-Local anesthesiaYes
Ear correction bilateralfrom € 2.800,-Local anesthesiaYes
Single-sided ear correction€ 3.000,-General anesthesiaYes
Ear correction bilateral€ 4.500,-General anesthesiaYes

Results ear correction

“From the intake interview to the post-treatment of my ear correction, I recurred great service at blooming. The plastic Surgeon is Knowledgeable and the Nursing Staff Very Helpful. Fine Clinic.”