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Lower eyelid surgery

A tired, outdated or angry facial expression can be experienced as very annoying. By sagging your lower eyelids or local moisture or fat accumulation, bags can occur that even when you are rested, do not disappear. With a lower eyelid correction, our plastic surgeons correct your bags or heavy eyelids, giving you a younger and fresher look. We make the incision under the eyelash edge, so that a barely visible scar remains.

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The treatment process

How does the treatment process go for a lower eyelid correction?


Local anaesthesia

Operation duration

60 – 90 minutes

Recovery time

7 – 10 days

Before undergoing a lower eyelid correction, you will come to the clinic for a first consultation. During this conversation with your treating plastic surgeon, you can make your complaints, wishes and expectations known. As a result, your plastic surgeon will give you insight into the possibilities. During the consultation, the surgeon also determines which treatment method ensures the best results for you. Your plastic surgeon will then explain extensively about the treatment, any risks and complications, the expected results and aftercare. At Kliniek Blooming you always get clear information and honest advice, so that you know what to expect.

In addition, your plastic surgeon will inquire about your health, your medical background and any allergies and medication use. Answer these questions as honestly and extensively as possible, so the surgeon can determine whether you are suitable for the eyelid correction. We take extensive time to discuss all your questions and uncertainties.

A lower eyelid correction is seen by health insurance as a cosmetic treatment and is not reimbursed.

There are € 100 consultation costs associated with a consultation. These are deducted from the final price of the treatment.

Before the procedure we take photos for your medical file. The plastic surgeon then starts marking the treatment area and the anesthetic is given. A lower eyelid correction takes place under local anesthesia if possible. In very complex cases or anxious clients, there is the possibility to give anesthesia.

Your plastic surgeon starts the procedure by making a small incision under the eyelash edge. For example, the scars are hardly visible after the procedure. The excess of skin and possibly excess fatty tissue will be removed or moved. In addition, by pulling the skin tight, our plastic surgeons ensure optimum results. To make the incision healed properly, we stick small plasters on the wounds. It is important that they stay dry for the first time. In total, the treatment takes approximately 60 to 90 minutes and you can go home after the procedure.

Keep in mind that you are not allowed to drive yourself after the procedure. So make sure someone guides you after the procedure. The first night we recommend that you raise your head a little by using an extra pillow. This reduces the swelling.

We recommend that you take sufficient rest for the first few days after the procedure. This benefits the recovery and ensures the optimum result. In most cases, a lower eyelid correction gives little after -pain, but as a precaution you can take the first 24 hours of paracetamol. Some swellings and bruises are created around the treatment area, but this usually heals again after a few days. For the first six months the scar can be red in color, but gradually this becomes less red.

We recommend not using contact lenses for the first 7 to 14 days. In addition, it is better to avoid heavy efforts for the first three to six weeks. After about a week you will visit Kliniek Blooming to remove the stitches and to analyze the result of the lower eyelid correction. The plastic surgeon will at that time inform you about the further recovery.

Bij een onderooglidcorrectie bestaat net als bij elke ingreep de kans op risico’s en complicaties. Hoewel deze complicaties uitzonderlijk zijn vinden wij het belangrijk dat u op de hoogte bent van de eventuele risico’s en complicaties.


  • Negatieve reactie op de verdoving
  • Abnormale zwelling
  • Infectie

Zeer zeldzaam

  • Verstoorde wondgenezing
  • Onderhuidse bloedophoping
  • Negatieve reactie op de verdoving

Hoewel onze plastisch chirurgen uiterst nauwkeurig en gedetailleerd werken, kunnen zij geen garantie bieden voor een exact symmetrisch resultaat. De meeste mensen hebben van nature al geen symmetrie in het gelaat. Door expertise en jarenlange ervaring is de kans om asymmetrie echter uiterst minimaal.

Littekens onderooglidcorrectie

De eerste tijd zijn de littekens rood en gezwollen, maar dit wordt meestal na zes weken al minder. Houd er wel rekening mee dat een litteken ongeveer een jaar tot anderhalf jaar de tijd nodig heeft om tot een eindstadium te komen. Houd littekens uit de zon en verzorg ze met een littekencrème. Bij ons in de kliniek gebruiken wij Staudt littekencrème.


Stop minstens zes weken voor en tot zes weken na de behandeling met roken. Roken vernauwt de bloedvaten, waardoor er problemen bij de wondgenezing kunnen ontstaan. De kans op nabloedingen wordt verkleind zodra u stopt met roken.

What does a lower eyelid correction cost?

Lower eyelid surgery on one side€ 2.600,-Local anesthesiaNo
Lower eyelid surgery on both sides€ 6.000,-General anesthesiaNo
Lower eyelid surgery icm midfacelift€ 7.500,-General anesthesiaNo
Upper and lower eyelid surgery€ 3.700,-Local anesthesiaNo
Before and after photos of lower eyelid correction

Results of the lower eyelid correction

“After the lower eyelid correction, my tired and angry facial expression has completely disappeared. Nice guidance from the first consultation to the aftercare. Clinic Blooming is highly recommended.”