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Breast Surgery

Prosthetic change borstvergroting 71 door Blooming Plastic Surgery

Prosthetic change

Breast prostheses can cause complications after about 10 years. A prosthetic replacement then offers a solution. In this procedure, we replace your current breast implants before they can cause problems. Also, if you suffer from capsular contracture, our surgeons perform a prosthesis change.
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Nipple correction borstvergroting 71 door Blooming Plastic Surgery

Nipple correction

If you're dissatisfied with the appearance of your nipples or areola, nipple correction procedures can provide a solution. These procedures encompass nipple reduction, areola reduction, and reconstruction of retracted nipples. Whether your concern is the size, symmetry, or retraction of your nipples, we'll guide you through a personalized consultation to determine the most suitable treatment method for your needs.
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Gynecomastia Gynaecomastie door Blooming Plastic Surgery


Gynecomastia is a medical term for breast formation in men. It is not talked about much, but it occurs regularly. Breast formation can occur due to an enlarged glandular disk, excess skin, excess fat or a nonphysical cause. However, one thing is certain: breast formation in many cases leads to great insecurity in men. If you feel insecure due to gynecomastia, breast reduction is a good solution.
Breast Lift borstvergroting 71 door Blooming Plastic Surgery

Breast Lift

With a breast lift, we firm and elevate your breasts that have drooped or sagged due to pregnancy, weight loss or aging. The upper part of the breast often lacks padding, creates a deep inframammary fold and the nipples are often lower than the inframammary fold. With a breast lift, we move the nipple upward and possibly place an implant if you also want more volume.
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Breast Reduction borstvergroting 71 door Blooming Plastic Surgery

Breast Reduction

Many women who have oversized breasts feel uncomfortable with this. Finding outerwear is often quite a challenge and makes this a tedious activity. In addition, breasts that are too large can also cause annoying symptoms in the neck, shoulders and back. When your breasts are out of proportion to the rest of your body, it can be accompanied by feelings of insecurity and discomfort. If you suffer from the above problems, then breast reduction surgery may be the solution.
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Breast enlargement borstvergroting 71 door Blooming Plastic Surgery

Breast enlargement

Breast enlargement surgery increases the volume of your breasts and improves their shape and proportion. Every year, many women who feel they have small breasts undergo breast enlargement surgery. Most women choose breast enlargement to give underdeveloped breasts volume or to regain the former proportions of their breasts after pregnancy or losing weight. With breast enlargement, your breasts do not only gain extra volume, but they also become firmer. The goal is to ensure that your breasts form a beautiful whole with your body.
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