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Gynecomastia is a medical term for breast formation in men. It is not talked about much, but it occurs regularly. Breast formation can occur due to an enlarged glandular disk, excess skin, excess fat or a nonphysical cause. However, one thing is certain: breast formation leads to great insecurity in men in many cases. When you feel insecure due to gynecomastia, breast reduction surgery is a good solution. During this breast reduction surgery, the excess fatty tissue is removed.

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The treatment process

What is the treatment process for gynexomastia?


Local or general anesthesia

Operation duration

60 – 120 minutes

Recovery time

7 – 14 days

During the consultation, the plastic surgeon will ask you about your wishes and expectations. Following this, the possibilities will be discussed. Together you will decide which treatment method is most suitable for you. During this consultation your plastic surgeon will explain in detail the possible risks and complications and will show you what results you can expect. The difference between the various gynecomastia treatments will also be explained. If liposuction is required, the plastic surgeon will also discuss this procedure. At Blooming Plastic Surgery, you will always receive honest advice and clear education about the treatment process. This way you know what to expect and there are no surprises.

A 100 euro consultation fee is charged for a consultation. These will be deducted from the final price of the treatment.

The surgery takes place under local anesthesia or under general anesthesia, depending on the extent of the correction and the technique chosen. Liposuction will generally be done under anesthesia. With surgery under local anesthesia, after numbing the skin around the areola, the wound area will be covered sterile and the excess tissue removed. It is important to know that there will always be a small amount of tissue (glandular or fatty) left under the areola in order to prevent a dent in the area of the nipple after surgery. To make the scar as noticeable as possible, the skin incision will be placed at the edge of the areola. After this, the wounds will mostly be taped with sterile plasters (star strips).       If surgery is performed under anesthesia, the same skin incision will usually be used. However, for major corrections, it is sometimes extended or expanded, depending on whether skin also needs to be removed . With liposuction, several more small (~5mm) stab holes may be made to allow liposuction to be performed. At the end of surgery, the skin incisions will be closed with subcutaneous soluble sutures possibly combined with skin glue. After this, the wounds will be taped with sterile plasters (steristrips). particularly with larger corrections, it is sometimes chosen to place short-term drains (tubes) in the wound area to drain excess fluid or blood in the first post-operative phase (up to a few days) so that it does not accumulate in the surgical area. These drains can be easily removed again. 

You can usually shower again 2 days after surgery, but we do not recommend prolonged bathing, swimming or saunas with the scars in water for the first 2 weeks. In the first two to four weeks, try to avoid putting stress on the scars, such as playing sports. Of course, this depends on the extent of the correction and your plastic surgeon will advise you specifically on this. The stitches are usually dissolvable and do not need to be removed. In case of pressure garments, we recommend wearing them day and night for 3-6 weeks and only taking them off for a shower. To prevent discoloration of the scars, protect them from the sun for three to six months. You do this by avoiding going into the direct sun or using sunscreen with a high sun protection factor. After the wounds have healed we recommend caring for the scars with a good scar cream in order to achieve the best possible result. For an optimal result our plastic surgeons at the Rode Kruis Ziekenhuis / Burns Center Beverwijk have developed a scar cream, the Staudt scar cream, which is also often used by burn patients. You can purchase the cream at Blooming plastic surgery or online at A special cream with sun protection (SPF30) is available for scar treatment at the same time.

Any surgical procedure carries risks and complications. The possibility of risks is low because people undergoing cosmetic surgery are often physically healthy. Therefore, the possibility of complications is rare. Some possible complications of gynecomastia treatment include:

Rare complications

  • Hematoma (blood accumulations under the skin)
  • Post-bleeding
  • Infection
  • Allergic reaction

Very rare complications

  • Sensation change around the breast
  • Permanent visible scars
  • Affected underlying structures
  • Result does not meet expectations


Scars are red and swollen at first, but this usually lessens after six weeks. Keep in mind that a scar takes about a year to a year and a half to reach a final stage. Keep scars out of the sun and take good care of them with scar cream. At our clinic, we use Staudt scar cream.


Stop smoking at least six weeks before to six weeks after treatment. Smoking constricts blood vessels, which can cause problems with wound healing. The risk of subsequent bleeding is reduced once you stop smoking.

What is the cost of gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia small (no liposuction and no skin resection)€ 4.500,-General anesthesiaYes
Gynecomastia major€ 6.820,-General anesthesiaYes
Gynecomastia including renuvion€ 9,500,-General anesthesiaYes
before and after photos gynecomastia

Experience gynecomastia

“I was very nervous during the procedure, but was continuously put at ease by the experienced surgeons. They took all the time to answer my questions, which made me feel good. I am therefore very happy that I considered taking the step and having something done to my man boobs.”

Frequently Asked Questions

The breast consists largely of fat. If you gain weight, the breast will also grow. When glandular tissue has been removed during gynecomastia surgery, there is no chance that the breast will grow again.

For physically light work such as administrative work, you can return to work after two days. If you do heavy physical work, you should rest for two to four weeks.