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Complaints and suggestions

During your treatment at Blooming, you will come in contact with various practitioners and other staff members. Everyone does their best to make a positive contribution to your treatment. Still, you may not be satisfied with the organization, treatment or how you are treated. A complaint procedure exists in our clinic for filing a complaint. Your complaints are treated confidentially and we always try to find an appropriate solution together with you.

What do we mean by a complaint?

Any expression of dissatisfaction is a complaint. Whether this relates to accessibility, treatment, implementation of treatment, staff expertise or the outcome of your treatment.

Who can you contact with your complaint?

The best way to reach an appropriate resolution is to meet with the employee to whom your complaint relates. Any misunderstandings can be rectified and an appropriate solution to your problem will be sought. 

Internal complaint coordinator

Have you already submitted your complaint to the employee and/or his/her supervisor involved, but it has not been handled satisfactorily? Or would you rather not talk about it with those involved? Then you can contact the internal complaint coordinator. The internal complaint coordinator listens to your complaint and works with you to find an appropriate solution. To do so, the complaint coordinator will also interview the employee involved in the complaint. Hopefully the relationship with the employee can be restored through mediation so that your treatment can continue in a professional manner. If it turns out that there are structural problems in the organization that caused the complaint, the complaint coordinator makes a recommendation to the board to improve that situation. By filing your complaint, you help us improve the quality of treatment. Therefore, do not hesitate to do it. Blooming can and will learn from your complaints or suggestions for improvement. Your satisfaction is of great importance to us.

External complaints officer

You may not choose to discuss your complaint with us internally or the complaint may not be resolved in this way. In that case, you can turn to the independent complaints officer of Quasir care and welfare. After submitting your complaint, you will receive notice of receipt within 2 business days. All data is handled carefully and confidentially according to an established procedure. They strive to reach a solution that is satisfactory to you. You may submit your complaint in writing and send an email to: or by mail to:

Quasir BV
P.O. Box 1021
7940 KA Meppel

Disputes Committee

If your complaint is not resolved to your satisfaction after treatment by Quasir’s external complaints officer, you may submit your dispute to the national Disputes Committee. Blooming is affiliated with the Health Care General Disputes Committee for this purpose. The Disputes Committee provides an impartial resolution of complaints and disputes with a ruling that is binding on both parties. More information about the national Dispute Resolution Committee and the procedure can be found on the website:

How can you file a complaint?

Complaints may be made orally or in writing. You can make your complaint verbally to your medical specialist or to a clinic staff member. They will put you in touch with the internal complaint coordinator if required. If you wish to put your complaint in writing yourself, you may send it to Blooming Clinic, Attn: Complaints Coordinator Blooming Plastic Surgery, Ms. L. Kok, Vondelweg 999, 2026 BW, Haarlem. Or by e-mail to: