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Eyebrow lift

During a brow lift, we lift drooping eyebrows by removing excess skin above the brows. As you age, the skin on your forehead may sag, causing the position of your eyebrows to become lower. This can lead to decreased vision and feeling tired. In addition, drooping eyebrows give the face a tired appearance and an aged look. An eyebrow lift provides the solution to these complaints and restores your youthful and natural appearance.

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The treatment process

What is the treatment process for an eyebrow lift?


Local anesthesia

Operation duration

60 minutes

Recovery time

4 – 7 days

During the consultation, the plastic surgeon will ask you about your wishes and expectations. The options will be discussed based on this. Together you determine which treatment method is most suitable for you. During this consultation, your plastic surgeon will provide a detailed explanation, identify any risks and complications and show you what results you can expect. The difference between an eyebrow lift and an endoscopic eyebrow lift is also explained. The plastic surgeon may recommend an eyebrow lift in combination with an upper eyelid correction for an even better result. At Blooming Plastic Surgery you will always receive honest advice and clear information about the treatment process. This way you know what to expect and you will not be faced with any surprises.

A 100 euro consultation fee is charged for a consultation. These will be deducted from the final price of the treatment.

For optimal results, we also sometimes combine a brow lift with an eyelid correction. An eyebrow lift can be performed through various methods. Depending on your symptoms and wishes, we determine which treatment method offers the best results for you.

Instant brow lift

In a direct eyebrow lift, the plastic surgeon removes a strip of skin just above the eyebrows. As we reattach the skin neatly, the eyebrows are lifted up. Because this technique leaves a small scar just above the eyebrow, we perform this procedure mostly on middle-aged men. This is because they generally have more skin folds in the forehead, so we drop the scar into them. Virtually nothing is visible from the procedure. A direct brow lift also offers the solution if you prefer not to undergo extensive surgery.A direct brow lift usually takes place under local anesthesia.

Lateral brow lift

The lateral brow lift is particularly appropriate when the eyebrows have drooped on the outside. In this method, the surgeon makes two small incisions just in front of or behind the hairline in order to remove excess skin. This lifts the eyebrows, restoring a natural and fresh look to your eyes. Prior to the treatment, the plastic surgeon marks the area of skin to be removed. The procedure takes a maximum of one hour. Your attending plastic surgeon will determine, depending on the treatment procedure, whether the eyebrow lift will be performed under local anesthesia or general anesthesia.

With the various treatment methods, you can almost always return home immediately. However, you will not be allowed to drive yourself. So make sure that someone accompanies you to take you home afterwards.

Most clients do not experience a brow lift as painful. If the brow lift is performed under local anesthesia, you may go home shortly after treatment. Is the treatment performed under anesthesia? Then you will stay in the hospital for several hours. After the eyebrow lift, you may experience headaches and the treated area may be somewhat blue and swollen. In addition, it is possible that the eyebrows may be a little high at first. These will drop back to their normal position within a few weeks.

For proper recovery, you should protect your scar from UV radiation. It is advisable to lubricate the scar with a scar cream. Ask your plastic surgeon for advice.

It is important that you are aware of the risks and complications associated with a brow lift. Although the chances of complications are small, it is still possible that you may encounter them. The rare risks you face with brow lift surgery are:

  • Post-bleeding or wound infection
  • Allergic reaction to the anesthetics
  • Asymmetry and fluid accumulation around the eyes
  • Temporary numbness of the treated skin
  • Formation of severely thickened scars
  • Dissatisfied with the aesthetic result
  • Scars

Scars are red and swollen at first, but this usually lessens after six weeks. Keep in mind that a scar takes about a year to a year and a half to reach a final stage. Keep scars out of the sun and care for them with a scar cream. At our clinic, we use Staudt scar cream.


Stop smoking at least six weeks before to six weeks after treatment. Smoking constricts blood vessels, which can cause problems with wound healing. The risk of subsequent bleeding is reduced once you stop smoking.

What does an eyebrow lift cost?

At Blooming Plastic Surgery, we understand that the cost of a brow lift is a major factor in the decision to undergo this procedure. That’s why we offer brow lift at an affordable price and prioritize high-quality results and excellent patient care.

Blooming Plastic Surgery offers a brow lift at an affordable cost. Prices start from €1,730 including all costs related to the treatment, such as consultation, the surgical team, anesthesia and aftercare. The exact price depends on the complexity of the procedure and your specific needs.

Eyebrow Lift Results

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Frequently Asked Questions

A brow lift is not covered by health insurance.

If you smoke, it can have a negative impact on recovery after the procedure. This is because the nicotine is bad for the blood flow to the tissues, which are precisely what is important for a speedy recovery. Therefore, stop smoking at least six weeks before and six weeks after the correction.

The scars created during an eyebrow lift, the plastic surgeon always tries to drop into a skin fold. Therefore, we perform this method of eyebrow lifts only on people who have a skin fold just above the eyebrows. Once the wounds are closed, apply scar cream and protect the scars from sunlight. After a year, scars mature.