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Frequently Asked Questions

Our team is always at your service. You can come to us with all your questions. To help you with this step, we have outlined the frequently asked questions and answers for you.


Complications can occur with surgery. It is important that you are well informed about possible complications. Only then can you make the decision whether to have the treatment performed. During the first consultation with the plastic surgeon you will receive all the information, both verbal and written. Be well informed by a registered plastic surgeon. This way you will enter the process in the safest way possible.

When a plastic surgeon is BIG-registered, he or she is authorized by law to use this protected title. All our plastic surgeons are BIG-registered. You can find the registration numbers for each specialist on the plastic surgeon’s personal page.

The nationally set minimum age for cosmetic surgery is eighteen. This has been established by the Dutch Society for Plastic Surgery. As a clinic, we adhere to this legislation. This applies to all our invasive treatments and treatments with injectables (botox and fillers).

During the initial consultation, we discuss your overall health in addition to your wishes and expectations. This gives the plastic surgeon enough information to indicate whether the wish is appropriate for your age, among other things. If the plastic surgeon has any doubts, he or she will also discuss this with you.

In general, non-smokers with good health and the right treatment indication are suitable. If you have medical complaints such as diabetes, hypertension, heart disease or depression the plastic surgeon or anesthesiologist may advise against treatment. It is therefore important that you are honest about your medical history, your wishes and expectations. Of course, all this will be discussed in detail during the first consultation with the plastic surgeon. Together we look for the right treatment for the most beautiful result.

It has been determined from the Dutch Society for Plastic Surgery and the Health Care and Youth Inspectorate that people with a BMI (Body Mass Index) over 32 are not eligible for plastic surgery treatment due to the increased risks of post-operative complications. An established BMI above 32 is a contraindication to surgery.

Within our team we have both male and one female plastic surgeon. If you have a preference we will take it into account.

Our clinic is located in the Spaarne Gasthuis Noord 3rd floor, at Vondelweg 999, 2026 BW Haarlem. The Spaarne Gasthuis is easily accessible by car from the N208 ring road – exit Spaarne Gasthuis. By public transport you can take 3 Connexxion buses from Haarlem station: 3, 73 and 385. The bus will take you to the ‘Delftplein/Spaarne Gasthuis Haarlem’ stop in about 15 minutes. From the bus stop you can walk to the clinic in 4 minutes.

During the consultation with the plastic surgeon, it is important that you communicate your wishes well and honestly so that the surgeon can draw up a concrete treatment plan for you. If you have any information about your medical history, it is advisable to bring this with you, think also of current medication lists. You do not need a referral letter.

Because we only provide non-insured care, you do not need a referral. If you think you qualify for reimbursement, you need a referral letter from your doctor. With this letter you can make an appointment at the Plastic Surgery Policy of the Red Cross Hospital or at the Plastic Surgery Policy of the Spaarne Gasthuis, in which case we cannot treat you at the clinic. Treatments in the clinic are always at your own expense.


To best prepare you for surgical treatment, we will make sure you receive all the necessary information, including the surgical leaflet and the pre- and post-operative information. On the day of the treatment, you will sign the consent form which, among other things, states that you have been extensively informed and give your consent to the attending plastic surgeon to perform the surgical treatment.

If your weight is a factor in your treatment, the plastic surgeon will discuss with you when you should contact the clinic to communicate any weight loss or gain. If necessary, the plastic surgeon can anticipate this. If there is weight gain or loss after treatment and you have questions or concerns about it, you can always contact the clinic.

If you have become pregnant between the initial consultation and your treatment please contact us immediately. If you have scheduled treatment or are on the waiting list for treatment we are forced to postpone treatment. We do not operate on you if you are pregnant. We also do not perform injectable treatments during pregnancy. If you are pregnant after the treatment, you see your body changing and you have questions about it, we advise you to contact us. Furthermore, our plastic surgeons will inform you, prior to the treatment, whether a possible future pregnancy will affect the performed treatment. This is especially the case with abdominal and breast surgeries. In some cases, it is advisable to postpone treatment in case of a desire to have children in the near future.

In recent years, there has been much research on a link between the development of breast cancer and breast augmentation with prostheses. At this time, it has not been scientifically proven that the presence of prostheses contribute to the development of breast cancer. If you are considering breast augmentation with prostheses, the plastic surgeon will discuss the possible complications with you. After your consultation, you will be given the surgical package insert. Clients with prostheses may also participate in the national breast cancer screening by mammography. It is advisable to mention the presence of the prostheses at the beginning of the examination.

Of course, as far as possible, we take your wishes as a starting point to arrive at the final volume. In determining the prosthesis (apart from the volume) a number of other factors also play a role. The starting point is your own anatomy. The plastic surgeon will discuss the different possibilities with you or, on the contrary, explain to you whether a certain type of prosthesis is definite. To determine the desired volume, there will also be a fitting session during the first consultation. Changing the volume later on will always be discussed with the plastic surgeon in order to achieve the desired result.

Many women with breast implants have successfully breastfed their babies. However, it is not known if there are any risks to breastfeeding from a woman with breast implants. A study of the element silicon (a component of silicone) in breast milk showed no increased levels in the milk of women with silicone implants compared to women without implants. Cow’s milk contains higher levels of silicon compared to human breast milk. Techniques with incisions at the nipple and areola can reduce breastfeeding success, however, the plastic surgeon will always inform you about this.

About six to 12 months after the last time you breastfed, your breasts have recovered and you can undergo breast surgery.

We make every effort to prepare you as well as possible for your treatment. In some cases it is necessary to enlist the help of your loved ones during recovery. You will be informed about this beforehand. The degree of pain expected varies with each treatment and will be discussed during the consultation. One or two days after your treatment we will contact you by phone to ask how you are doing. Also, we will always ask you how you experience any pain and make an assessment as to whether this is within the expected framework for your treatment. If necessary, the plastic surgeon will prescribe additional pain medication.

We perform two types of injectables treatments: filler and botox treatments. We exclusively use temporary fillers. These fillers are dissolved and drained by the body itself after a certain period of time. How long the fillers stay in place can vary by location, typically the fillers disappear from your body after six to nine months. If desired, the treatment can be repeated. A treatment with botox gives up to three months maximum results, therefore we recommend repeating the treatment three times a year for optimal results.


In most cases, we offer an overnight stay for treatments under general anesthesia (under sedation). During the initial consultation you will be told if this is the case for your treatment, or if you can go home the same day. For treatments under local anesthesia (only the area to be treated is numbed) you will always go home after the treatment. In this case, please take someone with you to accompany you home.

It is important that you follow the plastic surgeon’s advice and study the post operative information well before your treatment, this way you can be sure that you yourself have done everything possible to promote recovery. Even after the treatment we will follow the recovery with check-up appointments.

When the plastic surgeon makes an incision in the skin, a scar is always created. We try to keep the scar as small as possible and make it in the most logical place. Our plastic surgeons look at these factors very critically. After treatment, your body will begin to form the scar itself. In some cases, we recommend starting with the Staudt scar cream. The scar process starts about four to six weeks after treatment and matures up to a year after treatment. This means that at the first check-up with the plastic surgeon after 3 months, we are always on time with possibly starting treatment with the Staudt scar cream.

We make every effort to prepare you well for your treatment. We fully understand that in some cases you also want to seek help and that it is nice to know in advance what to expect. The period that is desirable to take time off and when you can resume work and sports responsibly varies per treatment. You will be informed about this during the consultation.


The consultation takes place with one of our plastic surgeons. We reserve time for you to answer all your questions. That is why we charge EUR 100,- for the first consultation. This amount must be paid in cash or by pin (with the exception of credit cards) after the consultation. If you proceed to treatment, this amount will be deducted from the quote and invoice.

During the consultation, a treatment plan will be made and you will receive a quote. This quotation is valid for six months. Only when your treatment is scheduled will you receive the invoice. With an unchanged treatment plan, the invoice is never different from the quotation. The amount should be credited to our account 3 weeks before the agreed date of your treatment. Payment in installments is unfortunately not possible. If you have any further questions or wish to contact one of our staff, you can reach us at telephone number +3123 544 4974, via email or you can make an appointment directly using the contact form below.