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Breast Reduction

Many women who have oversized breasts feel uncomfortable with this. Finding outerwear is often quite a challenge and makes this a tedious activity. In addition, breasts that are too large can also cause annoying symptoms in the neck, shoulders and back. When your breasts are out of proportion to the rest of your body, it can be accompanied by feelings of insecurity and discomfort. If you suffer from the above problems, then breast reduction surgery may be the solution. Shrinking your breasts may also be medically necessary. This is the case when your overweight or oversized breasts cause pain that interferes with your daily life and while playing various sports.

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The treatment process

What is the treatment process for breast reduction?


General anesthesia

Operation duration

120 – 180 minutes

Recovery time

2 -3 weeks

During a preliminary consultation with the attending plastic surgeon, you can discuss your complaints, questions and wishes about a breast reduction. The plastic surgeon will ask you about your expectations of the result and treatment. Based on your expectations, your plastic surgeon will give you insight into your options and consider whether the procedure can meet your expectations.

In addition, the plastic surgeon will provide comprehensive information about the preparations, procedure, aftercare and the pros and cons. At Blooming Plastic Surgery, you will always receive honest and professional advice so you know what to expect. In addition, during the preliminary interview, we will determine if you are a suitable candidate for the procedure and for surgery. Your medical history, medication use and current health, among other things, will be discussed.

A 100 euro consultation fee is charged for a consultation. These will be deducted from the final price of the treatment.

All our procedures are performed by BIG-registered plastic surgeons. The procedure takes place under general anesthesia and takes an average of an hour and a half.

  • The plastic surgeon makes an anchor-shaped incision around the areola and to the inframammary fold.
  • The plastic surgeon moves the nipple to the correct height.
  • If necessary, a areola is reduced for a natural and balanced result.
  • After breast reduction surgery, your breasts will be firmly bandaged with pressure dressing or you will be given a sports bra for support.
  • Finally, we insert two thin drains (tubes) that drain the wound fluid. We remove these the next morning.

After the breast reduction, you will wake up immediately from anesthesia. You may feel tired and lifeless when you recover. Your plastic surgeon will determine what follow-up care you need after treatment. You will stay in the clinic overnight for observation so that we can closely monitor your recovery. Immediately after the procedure, your breasts may be swollen and sore. This will gradually subside from the third day after surgery. For proper breast support, we recommend wearing a sports bra for the first six weeks after surgery. You will be given these to take home after the treatment.

For optimal recovery, you should rest for the first week and not do any heavy physical work. After this week, your plastic surgeon will remove the stitches. After six weeks, physical activity is allowed again and you can do heavier work or sports. For an optimal result we advise you to take good care of your scar with our scar cream and to expose the breasts to the sun as little as possible during the first year.

After surgery, it is immediately visible that the breasts are smaller in size. However, the final result cannot be assessed until a year after surgery. The result of the breast reduction is smaller and firmer breasts. The shape of the breasts will also change to match the new size. The majority of women are very satisfied with the result: complaints in the back, neck and shoulders often disappear completely and their insecurity decreases significantly.

It is important to be aware that small scars will always remain visible with breast reduction. Over time the scars do diminish, but they do not become completely invisible. In the beginning the feeling in your nipple may be a little less, but this will almost always return. During the final checkup at our clinic, we take pictures to add to your medical record.

Surgery always carries risks. A breast reduction is no exception, however, the risk of complications is small. Rare complications that can occur are:

  • Post-bleeding or a hematoma in your chest;
  • Swelling or infection around the surgical area;
  • Asymmetry of the breasts;
  • Allergic reaction;
  • Unsatisfactory aesthetic result;
  • A less than attractive scar.

When considering breast reduction surgery, it is important to consider whether you want to breastfeed in the future. By relocating the nipples and removing glandular tissue, there is a chance where you may be able to breastfeed less, if at all. As with most surgical procedures, there is also a risk of allergic reaction, infection, post-bleeding and poor healing. Through years of experience, proper preparation and professional care, we minimize these risks at Blooming Plastic Surgery.

What does breast reduction cost?

Breast reduction€ 6.790,-General anesthesiaYes

Breast Enlargement Results

From cup F to a large cup C

I feel like a completely different person

The fairy tale comes true

Before and after pictures of breast reduction

Frequently Asked Questions

There is a chance that your sensation of and around the nipples may change. This risk will be discussed with you by the plastic surgeon prior to the procedure. Sensation changes are often related to the nipple that needs to be repositioned. The greater the distance, the sooner sensation changes or complications occur. Sensation in the skin around scars will also decrease or change.

Whether it is still possible to breastfeed after breast reduction depends on the mammary glands. This is because if a lot of mammary gland tissue has been removed or mammary glands have been damaged, breastfeeding becomes more difficult.

It is possible for a breast to grow in size after a breast reduction. Whether the breast will grow again depends on a number of factors. First, when you gain weight, the breast also grows in size because it is largely made up of fat. Also, your hormone levels affect the size of your breasts. Young women are more likely to grow breasts after a breast reduction.

After the breast reduction, the wounds are covered with plasters and, in some cases, you are given a tight bandage around the breast. The next day this bandage is replaced by a sports bra. For the first two weeks you must wear this bra day and night. The following two weeks you will only wear this bra during the day. Read more about aftercare after a breast reduction.

It is possible to achieve any cup size with breast reduction surgery. During the first consultation, the plastic surgeon will check with you what size and shape best suits your body. Keep in mind that the plastic surgeon cannot guarantee the final cup size. The size depends largely on the base width of the breast.

After a breast reduction, scars always remain visible. In most cases, the scars run around the areola and down from the nipple and then into the breast fold This is the so-called anchor shape. It depends on the healing process how long the scars remain visible. At first the scars are red and fiery in color, but this disappears over time, after which they take on more the color of your skin. After about a year, the scars are barely noticeable.

After surgery, you will stay overnight in the hospital to recover from the procedure. After 24 hours you may return home. During the operation, the plastic surgeon places drains to drain the wound fluid and any blood. Before you go home, the drains will be removed. Sometimes the drains have to stay in place for a longer period of time. In that case, you will return after the operation to have them removed.

Take it easy for the first two weeks after surgery. Also make sure that you have someone to support you in your daily activities during the first week. From the second week after the breast reduction you can resume light activities, but do not bend or lift while doing so. From the sixth week after the operation you can return to heavier physical work and more intensive sports.