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Deep-plane neck facelift

Over the past three years, Blooming’s plastic surgeons have traveled several times to Miami to study the latest development in the field of facelifts: the Deep-Plane Hals facelift. During the operation, the plastic surgeon tightens the layers under the skin. Because the skin is not tightened, a nice natural result is created.

  • A younger and fresher appearance
  • Shorter recovery period of just two weeks
  • Scars recover calmer and become less wide
  • Virtually no pain after the procedure
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The treatment process

How does the treatment process go from a deep-plan neck facelift?


General anesthesia

Operation duration

120 – 240 minutes

Recovery time

7 – 14 days

At Blooming you will always come first for a consultation with one of our plastic surgeons. During this interview we will discuss your wishes and the plastic surgeon gives you advice. We inquire about your medical background and your medication use. We also discuss any previous interventions on your face and we present the risks and possible complications of the operation. If you decide that you want to have a Deep-Plane Hals facelift carried out, you will receive extra information in advance about how you can best prepare and what you can expect from the recovery.

100 euros consultation costs will be charged for a consultation. These are deducted from the final price of the treatment.

This operation takes place under general anesthesia and you will sleep in the hospital overnight. During the procedure, the surgeon puts the underlying foundation of the skin under maximum voltage. The excess skin that is on top is cut away. Because the skin is not attracted, we adhere to it. The technology can be used for men and women.

The recovery period after this procedure is only two weeks. With older facelift techniques this is usually three to four weeks. Possible complications such as a wound infection or an after bleeding ensure that the healing takes a little longer. Let a friend or family member take home after the procedure. The day after the procedure you are not allowed to drive yourself. You wear a pressure mask for at least a week to promote recovery. With older techniques this is usually four weeks.

We plan a check one to two weeks after the procedure. During this agreement, the plastic surgeon checks how the healing process goes. During the check you will discuss with the plastic surgeon when you can work again. Do you have an office job? Then in principle you can start working again after two weeks. Four weeks after the operation you can slowly start exercising. After six weeks there are no more limitations.

With this procedure it is very important that the surgeon has a good command of the technology. Other types of facelifts remain far away from the facial nerves, while the surgeon continues between the nerves in this technique to prepare the tissues. Having knowledge about anatomy and experience are therefore the most important aspects of this operation. With blooming plastic surgery, the plastic surgeons have already performed 150 Deep-Plane Hals Facelifts in 2018. 1 complication has been established within this group. This was a after bleeding and not a nerve injury.

Important risks that you should always take into account are:

  • Post-bleeding
  • Infection
  • Fluid retention or stiffness in the face
  • Poor wound healing
  • Nerve damage
  • Dissatisfaction with the aesthetic result
  • Permanent scars
  • Allergic Reaction

We strongly recommend stopping smoking at least six weeks before the operation. If you continue to smoke, your blood vessels narrow, which will make the wound healing slower. The chance of after bleeding also increases if you smoke.

What does a deep-plane neck facelift cost?

Facelift (limited deepplane)€ 7.280,-Local anesthesiaNo
Deep-plane facelift€10.250,-General anesthesiaYes
Deep-plane neck facelift€ 13.920,-General anesthesiaYes
(Deep-plane) neck facelift + platysmaplasty€ 16.00,-General anesthesiaYes