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Scar correction or tattoo removal

The plastic surgeons of the Blooming clinic have years of experience in the field of treating burns due to their work at the burn treatment centre in Beverwijk. As a result, they are very experienced in performing all types of scar revisions.

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Damage to the skin due to surgery, an accident, or burns can cause scarring. Scars can become thick (hypertrophic) or even start to grow outside of the affected area of the original scar and result in keloid scarring. This excess scaring is often the case with people with a darker skin tone or a very light reddish complexion. Certain body parts, such as the shoulders and the sternum, have a higher chance of scarring than other parts of the body. A scar can also be influenced by the direction of the scar in relation to the skin tension lines. This can clearly be seen in the face when the facial muscles are tightened.


In the preparatory interview, we will give a detailed description of the scar revision.treatment trajectory. We will discuss the entire treatment trajectory and inform you about the risks and possible complications linked to the surgery.


Sometimes, improvement can be achieved through surgery – a wound by made by means of a scalpel gives a ‘nicer’ scar than, for example, a ‘torn wound’. In some cases, it is better to opt for injections, laser treatment or dermabrasion. In the latter technique, a small grinder is used to make the scar’s surface smoother. There are also several options for the removal of tattoos. Dark colours can sometimes be lasered in multiple sessions. If there are more colours, then sometimes the best option is to cut out the tattoo in multiple sessions. For each specific case, we will examine which technique is most suitable to achieve the best result.

After the treatment

For a scar revision, we try to improve the scar’s shape. Even though a scar revision is performed with the greatest care, the eventual result cannot be guaranteed. After the scar revision it is possible that the scars are swollen, red, itchy or even painful for a longer period of time. Depending on the treatment method, it is possible that you will need to come for a check-up and possible removal of stitches a week after the treatment. We strive for the best result possible and therefore we recommend you follow our after-care advice for the benefit of recovery. For instance, direct and indirect sunlight should to be avoided for some time. Moreover, we advise to use a product to support the recovery, for example Staudt scar cream.

Risks and complications

As is the case for any other procedure or surgery, there is a risk of complications. Complications are very rare. Complications can, for example be: infection, contusions, necrosis, numb skin, etc. Thanks to a team of experienced specialists, the Blooming clinic has acquired extensive experience with scar revision over the years. Despite our expertise and experience, we feel it is important that you as our client are always informed of the risks and possible complications. Should you have any questions after reading the information above, please feel free to contact us.


Spaarne Gasthuis in Haarlem or the Red Cross Hospital in Beverwijk.


Should you have questions after reading this information, then the plastic surgeon of the Blooming clinic will gladly discuss these with you during a consultation.

Chirurgische tattoeage verwijdering v.a. € 650,- Lokale verdoving Nee
Littekencorrectie v.a. € 650,- Lokale verdoving Nee
1 moedervlek verwijderen € 550,- Lokale verdoving Nee
2 moedervlekken verwijderen € 700,- Lokale verdoving Nee
3 moedervlekken verwijderen € 850,- Lokale verdoving Nee
4 moedervlekken verwijderen € 1.000,- Lokale verdoving Nee
Verwijderen permanente fillers v.a. € 850,- Lokale verdoving Nee

Maak een afspraak

Wilt u meer informatie over de ingreep? Maak een afspraak met een van onze plastisch chirurgen. Neem contact met ons op via of via of maak direct een afspraak via onderstaand contactformulier.

Om u zo goed mogelijk van dienst te kunnen zijn, vragen wij u om uw contactgegevens achter te laten.

Aan een consult zijn €100,- consultkosten verbonden. Deze worden in mindering gebracht op de uiteindelijke prijs van de behandeling.


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Facts about scar correction or tattoo removal


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