Nipple correction

You can contact us if you have any questions about nipple correction. With extensive experience in both breast enlargement and breast reduction, as well as reconstructing breasts (and therefore, nipples) for example, following breast cancer, we have built up considerable expertise in reconstructing and correcting nipples over the years.

There are many different reasons for somebody to require nipple correction. Both men and women can suffer from a large areola and would like to undergo correction. This is generally possible by removing a portion of the areola. However, this will, unfortunately, leave a scar around the areola. Sometimes, this can be done as part of a breast lift (or “mastopexy”), and other times, the areola can be simply reduced without the nipple being moved at all.

An inverted nipple is a condition that is generally suffered by women, but it can also occur in men. Before undergoing a correction, the severity must first be assessed. In a milder form, it is sometimes possible to pull the nipple outwards and then wear a sort of ring in the bra. When the inversion is more severe, it may be necessary for the milk ducts to be removed due to them becoming over-tensioned. For this purpose, a small incision is made under the nipple at the nipple-areola transition. Because the milk ducts will be cut away from the nipple, it will no longer be possible to breastfeed after this procedure. In order to maintain the nipple pointing outwards after the surgery, it is not uncommon for it to be supported by a nipple piercing for several weeks; this will ensure the nipple stays in position. An alternative is to attach a kind of sponge which holds the nipple at length.

A long nipple is relatively easy to correct by reduction.

In the case of asymmetric nipples, a symmetrising correction can also be carried out. Swollen nipples or breast formation in men is called “gynecomastia”: for more information you can refer to the gynecomastia information folder.

If you have any questions after reading this information, the plastic surgeon from Blooming Clinic will be happy to discuss them with you during your consultation.