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Mole spot removal

All mole spots are removed by BIG-registered plastic surgeons who also work in the RKZ Beverwijk and the Spaarne Gasthuis in Haarlem. You can have your birthmark removed for various reasons. Do you have a birthmark that you experience as a disturbing or causes your birthmark complaints during shaving? At Kliniek Blooming you can go for the removal of your mole spot for cosmetic reasons. The plastic surgeons from Kliniek Blooming have a lot of experience in plastic surgery and with the removal of birthmarks and the scar thereby as unobtrusively as possible. Is there the suspicion of skin cancer? Removing the mole spot and the investigation of the tissue falls under insured care. With a referral from your doctor you can in that case go to the outpatient clinic in the hospital.

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The treatment process

How does the treatment process go from a mole spot or remove?


Local anesthesia

Operation duration

30 minutes

Recovery time

4 – 7 days

Prior to treatment, your treating plastic surgeon will examine and assess your birthmark. This way it can be determined which treatment method will give the best results. During this conversation your wishes will be extensively discussed and you will receive a detailed explanation of the procedure and expectations.

A 100 euro consultation fee is charged for a consultation. These will be deducted from the final price of the treatment.

The removal of a birthmark is done under a local anesthesia. You therefore feel nothing about the procedure. Your plastic surgeon will sign the birthmark prior to treatment. The so -called “skin lines” is always first looked at. These are the lines in which the skin is inclined to fold. The crow’s feet at the corners of the corners or the smile of the nose wing to the corner of the mouth are examples of well -recognizable skin lines. A scar heals best if it is made parallel to the skin lines. Then the scar falls away between the skin lines, making it less striking.

After the procedure you can go home immediately. Your treating plastic surgeon will, if necessary, make a follow -up appointment for removing the stitches and checking the place. Depending on the location of your birthmark, it is advisable to avoid fast, unexpected movements and not to work out for a week. Despite the stitches, the wound can open. Also protect the scar against the sun until it is healed.

The result

In addition to completely removing the birthmark, your plastic surgeon strives to achieve the best cosmetic result. When a birthmark is removed, there is almost always a scar in return. The trick is to apply a number of techniques to make the scar as unobtrusive as possible. The plastic surgeons at Kliniek Blooming are trained in applying these techniques. This takes into account all the factors that are important when creating the most beautiful possible scar: planning of the direction of the scar, fabric feeling (“tissue handling”), adhesion material and technology. In the first few months after removing the birthmark, the scar can be some pink. As the skin recovers, this pulls away and the scar will hardly stand out.

When removing a birthmark, the risks and the risk of (small) complications are very minimal:

  • Scarring
  • Inflammation of the wound area
  • Blood shedding (temporary bruise)

What does a mole spot removal cost?

1 mole removal€ 550,-Local anesthesiaNo
2 mole removal€ 700,-Local anesthesiaNo
3 mole removal€ 850Local anesthesiaNo
4 mole removal€ 1.000,-Local anesthesiaNo

Frequently Asked Questions

To best prepare you for surgical treatment, we will make sure you receive all the necessary information, including the surgical leaflet and the pre- and post-operative information. On the day of the treatment, you will sign the consent form which, among other things, states that you have been extensively informed and give your consent to the attending plastic surgeon to perform the surgical treatment.

When the plastic surgeon makes an incision in the skin, a scar is always created. We try to keep the scar as small as possible and make it in the most logical place. Our plastic surgeons look at these factors very critically. After treatment, your body will begin to form the scar itself. In some cases, we recommend starting with the Staudt scar cream. The scar process starts about four to six weeks after treatment and matures up to a year after treatment. This means that at the first check-up with the plastic surgeon after 3 months, we are always on time with possibly starting treatment with the Staudt scar cream.

The consultation interview takes place at one of our plastic surgeons. We reserve time for you to answer all your questions. That is why we charge EUR 100 at the first consultation interview. After your consultation you must pay this amount at the consultant in cash or by pin (except for credit cards). If you proceed to a treatment, this amount will be deducted from the quotation and invoice.