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Joost M. Staudt

“Make sure that expectations meet reality”

My name is Joost Staudt and I am one of the plastic surgeons who has joined the plastic surgery partnership at the Red Cross Hospital in Beverwijk. I really can’t see myself doing any profession other than plastic surgery. This job means I can put all my energy and creativity into providing consultations, advice and treatments, each and every day.

In addition to my training at the AMC and the Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Hospital, I have been to the USA several times (and return annually) to learn the latest facial surgery techniques and take these newly acquired techniques back to the Netherlands.

Since I have also received my training at the Red Cross Hospital in Beverwijk, I entirely agree with the direction taken by these renowned plastic surgeons.

Within the partnership, my specialty lies in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery of the face and breasts; I have developed a particular specialisation in the field of rhinoplasty. Other procedures with which I have ample experience are breast enlargementseyelid corrective surgery and facelifts. I have also specialised in botox treatments and treatments using temporary fillers. Other operations done frequently: abdominoplasty, earcorrection, foreheadlift (endoscopic), liposuction, lipofilling and revision surgeries.

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Miami Plastic Surgery 2010

Membership: NVPC and NVEPC

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