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Laser therapy


Blooming Clinic possesses a number of lasers to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and irregularities of the skin.

In addition to the new fragmented CO2 laser, we also have lasers that can make scars thinner, remove tattoos, and finally, we have a laser that we use to remove hair.

All skin is different and reacts differently to the different skin laser treatments. It is important that the plastic surgeon takes your specific type of skin into account before beginning treatment.

The CO2 laser was known for the pigment changes that could occur following treatment. The latest CO2 laser, the fragmented laser, works in a completely different way, which means that a shift of pigment within the skin is reduced.

Make sure you are well-informed about the possible risks that apply to your problem and skin type.

You can read more about laser therapy here

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Facts about laser therapy

No anesthesia
3 - 6 treatments minuten
3 - 5 days