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Does the presence of wrinkles and folds in your face make you unhappy? Do you sometimes feel ‘old’, unattractive or insecure about your face? Blooming Clinic offers the solution with a facelift. Thanks to our facelift treatment, the above-mentioned problems can be resolved competently and professionally and your face will look young and radiant. You will be able to go back to a great life, feeling great and without wrinkles.

On this page, you will find all the information you need about undergoing a facelift at Blooming Clinic. From treatment and surgery to results and rates. You will also be able to read about the follow-up care and our specialists. If, after reading this page, you would like more information about the treatment, clinic or specialists, please fill out the contact form on this page, and we will contact you as soon as possible.

The treatment

A facelift is a surgical procedure in which folds and wrinkles in the facial skin are tightened, usually with deeper tissue layers at the same time. If there is excess fat under the chin or if the neck has thick folds, it may be possible to ‘lift’ these as well. A facelift will be performed by a plastic surgeon. The procedure has no effect on forehead wrinkles or those around the mouth or eyelids. If you want to remove these wrinkles as well, you will need to undergo a separate treatment by the plastic surgeon. Today’s facelift has many different names, and this can be confusing for those looking for facelift information. Therefore, what follows is a brief explanation of the various names.

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Preparation and surgery

Your general health will be investigated, and a blood test will be carried out shortly before you are admitted for the facelift. If you use medication you should let your treating doctor know. You should refrain from certain medication (such as aspirin, APC, etc.) several weeks before surgery. You must also stop smoking 6 weeks before the surgery is due to take place because smoking constricts the blood vessels, which can cause problems and reduce wound healing. A facelift treatment will in most cases be carried out under a general anaesthetic. The surgery itself will only take a few hours. During the surgery, a large area of the skin from the neck, cheeks and the tissue layer under the skin are loosened and tightened in the direction of the ear. Any excess fat in the neck area can be removed via an incision under the chin. At the end of the surgery, one or more drains (thin tubes) may be left behind to allow fluid and blood to drain from the wound. These drains will be removed after one day. After the surgery, you should still remain in the hospital for a few days.


The purpose of a facelift is to smoothen and tighten the skin so you can look young and radiant again. Wrinkles in your face that are caused by laughing or talking will still be there after the facelift. These wrinkles are part of your facial expression and will always be present. You should also note that the natural ageing process of your skin will not be stopped by a facelift. The elasticity of the skin will gradually reduce after the surgery, just like before. The effect of a facelift is typically visible for five to ten years. After that, another facelift may be necessary. Below you can see the results of facelifts performed by specialists at the Blooming Clinic.

Results of a facelift

The facelift by Blooming Clinic has made me feel like I am 10 years younger. The plastic surgeon provided professional guidance during the entire process, and I felt completely at ease from the first moment.

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Follow-up care

After a facelift, your face will be covered with a compressive dressing. This must remain in place for a few days. If any drains have been inserted, these will be removed by the physician on the day after surgery. After surgery, your face and neck will be swollen and discoloured. On average, this swelling and discolouration last for two weeks, but generally you will suffer little pain. The stitches will be removed one to two weeks after the surgery. The scars will always be visible on closer inspection, but in practice they are barely visible at all. They run from the skin on your scalp down towards your ear. The scar is curved around the earlobe and disappears under the hair via the back of the ear. Depending on the extent of the surgery, there may be an additional scar under your chin as well. The final result of a facelift will only be visible after a few weeks.


As with any other surgery, there are risks associated with a facelift. There is a risk that secondary bleeding or infection may occur, but, fortunately, this rarely occurs. Furthermore, fluid retention or other slightly stiffened spots may occasionally be experienced on the face after a facelift. These can be dealt with later by a beautician or dermatologist. Very rarely, a facial nerve may be damaged. The result of this may be that you are no longer able to move the part of your face that this nerve affects. This will usually either partially or entirely recover. If you have darker skin, facelift scars resulting from facelift treatment will sometimes be visible and permanent camouflage may be required.

Prices & reimbursement


Review by an unnamed lady, 42 years old – treated by Dr. van der Pot

Thanks to my positive experience with Blooming Clinic, I would like to write a review about my treatment and experience. First of all, I want to thank the entire medical staff, and especially Dr. van der Pot, for the good care and fantastic end-result.

Review by an unnamed lady, 61 years old – treated by Dr. Staudt

Are you unsure about undergoing facelift surgery and do you want to be sure of a good end-result? Then I have a tip for you: go to Blooming Clinic! I was treated by Dr. Staudt and could not ask for anything more.

Review of a woman 57 years old, treated by Dr. van der Pot

Throughout the years my skin had become a lot more loose especially around my jaw and cheeks. Making me look much older in a short period of time. I annoyed me more and more when looking at my reflection. Therefore I started looking for a solution and came across a facelift.

Pricing & reimbursement

Consultation€ 50,-
Second opinion€ 100,-
Classic forehead lift€ 2.350,-
Endoscopic forehead lift€ 4.050,-
Local MACS facelift€ 4.250,-
MACS facelift locaalgeneral anaesthetic and overnight stay€ 4.350,-
MACS facelift/local faceliftgeneral anaesthetic and overnight stay€ 4.450,-
MACS facelift/local faceliftgeneral anaesthetic and overnight stay€ 5.350,-

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Our location

Blooming Clinic is located on the 3rd floor of the Kennemer Hospital in Haarlem (Noord). The address is Vondelweg 999, 2026 BW in Haarlem. You can use the map below to easily navigate your way to our clinic.

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Facts about facelift treatment

Overall anesthesia with overnight stay
120 - 240 minuten
10 - 14 days