You can be confident that Blooming Clinic will provide you with the utmost care. However, mistakes can occur, or you may feel that you have not been provided with enough information. It is also possible that a treatment did not entirely go as you had expected. In which case, you should not hesitate to submit a complaint. Only then can we learn from such a situation and try to resolve your feeling of discontent.

In order to deal with complaints, our clinic has a pre-defined complaints procedure. This is free of charge. All complaints will be treated confidentially.

How can you lodge a complaint?

You can discuss your complaint with the person who you believe is responsible. This is usually the easiest way to deal with a complaint. This may result in the error being rectified or receiving an explanation about what happened and the possible consequences. You can schedule an appointment to do this.

However, you may not feel that you want to deal with the complaint this way, or that this is the best way to resolve the issue.

In these cases, it is also possible to take the following action: fill out the form below and we will ensure that the patient’s contact person in the relevant hospital is informed. They will then contact you.

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