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Body Corrections

Through a body correction, our plastic surgeons ensure that you are once again satisfied with your body proportions. During a consultation with one of our plastic surgeons you make your wishes known and the plastic surgeon gives you a personal treatment recommendation. We draw up a customized treatment plan in which we gradually work towards the optimal result of the correction.

During the personal intake interview, your treating plastic surgeon will discuss which plastic surgery treatment best suits your complaints and wishes.


After extreme weight loss, excess skin may appear on the front, side and back of the body. In such a case, performing a tummy tuck is often not enough. In a total body lift, the excess skin on the abdomen, hips, back and buttocks is cut away.

Upper arm lift

The skin of the upper arms can sag and wrinkle due to extreme emaciation, pregnancies, aging or surgery. Using plastic surgery, we correct the excess skin. During the initial consultation, we will discuss your options.

Upper leg lift

When the skin of your upper legs has sagged and become very wrinkly, we perform an upper leg lift. In an upper thigh lift, we tighten the skin and then suture it in the groin. Our plastic surgeons place the scar on the inside of the thigh to minimize its prominence.


Pregnancy, weight loss or aging can cause your abdominal muscles to sag and the (excess) skin to droop. With a tummy tuck, we correct this excess skin so that you regain a tight abdomen. We perform two types of abdominoplasties: major and minor abdominoplasties.


In liposuction, we suck out subcutaneous fat deposits that you won’t lose through exercise or a healthy diet. Some people are more prone to localized fat deposits that, no matter what they do, do not disappear. A prerequisite for liposuction is that your skin is elastic.

Pubic lip surgery

Women can reduce the size of their labia through a labia correction. You choose this correction if you experience symptoms due to too large labia or if you want a cosmetic improvement. It is a relatively minor procedure that takes place under local anesthesia.