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Facial surgery

Eyebrow lift

During a brow lift, we lift drooping eyebrows by removing excess skin above the eyebrows. As you age, the skin of your forehead may sag, causing the position of your eyebrows to become lower. This can lead to reduced vision and a tired feeling. In addition, drooping eyebrows give the face a tired appearance and an aged look. An eyebrow lift provides the solution to these complaints and restores your youthful and natural appearance.

Below are before and after photos of brow lift results. A brow lift is also performed in combination with an upper eyelid correction. Upper Eyelid Surgery To remedy tired look, decreased vision, head and neck pain symptoms due to drooping upper eyelids, you can have your eyelids treated. With an upper eyelid surgery, we lift the skin at the top of the eyes to correct your symptoms and restore a fresh, open appearance. As we age, our skin loses elasticity, causing it to sag and may droop. This causes you to experience symptoms, but you may also have problems with applying makeup, for example.

Eyelid surgery

There are several reasons to get eyelid surgery. They can be either medical or cosmetic reasons. A medical reason may be that you experience physical symptoms due to drooping eyelids, such as: headaches, heavy feeling eyelids and a limited field of vision. Drooping eyelids can give a tired or angry appearance. Many people experience that the face looks older with drooping eyelids. These listed reasons are cosmetic reasons to have eyelid surgery performed. With a professional eyelid treatment, your eyes will look young and radiant again, also you will be rid of your complaints. Depending on your complaints, we perform an upper eyelid correction and/or a lower eyelid correction.

Below are some before and after photos of eyelid surgery. The treatments differ from each other. You see results of an upper eyelid correction, lower eyelid correction, a combination of an upper and lower eyelid correction and an upper eyelid correction combined with a brow lift. With an upper eyelid surgery, the skin at the top of the eyes is lifted to relieve your symptoms and restore a fresh and open appearance. With lower eyelid surgery, the bags under your eyes are reduced. This gives you a more rested and younger appearance.

Forehead lift

People have a forehead lift performed for cosmetic or medical reasons. You can opt for a forehead lift if your eyebrows are low. This gives vaan a tired and gloomy appearance. You may also be experiencing headaches, in which case the forehead lift is performed for a medical reason. With a forehead lift or endoscopic forehead lift, we tighten the skin of your forehead and correct sagging eyebrows. Due to aging or heredity, the skin of your forehead may sag and become saggy. This creates a tired look and a heavy feeling on your eyebrows and eyelids. If you constantly have to raise your eyebrows, you know how tiring it is. To correct this problem, we perform two types of forehead lifts: the endoscopic forehead lift and a traditional forehead lift.

Below are the before and after photos of forehead lift results. For optimal results, we often combine a forehead lift with an upper or lower eyelid correction. Upper eyelid surgery to remedy eyestrain, decreased vision, head and neck pain due to drooping upper eyelids, you can have your eyelids treated. With an upper eyelid surgery, we lift the skin at the top of the eyes to correct your symptoms and restore a fresh, open appearance.

A tired, aged or angry facial expression can be perceived as very unpleasant. Sagging of your lower eyelids or local moisture or fat accumulation can cause puffiness that does not disappear even when you are rested. With lower eyelid surgery, our plastic surgeons correct your bags, restoring a younger and fresher appearance.

Face lift/neck lift

Gravity causes facial skin and subcutaneous fat to sink down. This is therefore the reason why people have facelifts performed. With a facelift, we correct the wrinkles and folds in your cheeks, neck and jawline with natural results. With a professional facelift, your face will look younger and more radiant again. During treatment, your skin and underlying muscle and connective tissue are tightened and excess tissue is removed.

As you age or have lost a lot of weight, the skin in the neck may loosen. This creates excess skin. A neck lift provides relief for this so-called “turkey neck. Through an incision in the neck, the skin is tightened toward the ear: the end result is a tighter neck.

Below you can see before and after photos of the results of a facelift and neck lift, as well as the combination of these two treatments.


People have a nose job performed because they are not satisfied with their nose. It may be that they feel their nose is too wide or too narrow. Another reason may be that they feel their nostrils are the narrow or too large. People are often dissatisfied with the position of the nasal tip. Furthermore, people may experience breathing problems. They have that difficulty breathing or suffer from chronic snoring. These causes can have a significant impact on quality of life. If you have a birth defect, an accident or other damage to your nose, this could also be a reason to undergo rhinoplasty.

Below are before and after photos of rhinoplasty results. We have treated a number of patients who were dissatisfied with their first rhinoplasty. Restorative surgery can fix the mistakes of a first operation.