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Breast enlargement

Are you considering breast enlargement surgery because you feel that your breasts are not in proportion to your body? Do you regularly feel insecure about your appearance and do you get the feeling that you would like to change something in the short term? Blooming Clinic has the solution. With years of experience, we have the expertise to get your body in perfect balance so you can feel confident and get on with your life.

On this page, you will find information about what breast enlargement at Blooming Clinic means for you; from treatment to results and from follow-up care to rates. If, after reading this page, you have any questions for our specialists, simply contact us using the contact form.

Voor Nederlands zie Borstvergroting

Example movie of a breast enlargement treatment

Every year, more than 3,000 women make the decision to undergo breast enlargement surgery. This decision may come about as a result of a loss of volume or due to underdeveloped breasts. Breast enlargement surgery can contribute to a fuller cup size, which will be decided upon based on your current figure. Our plastic surgeons believe it is very important that you are 100% behind your decision. Breast enlargement should not be something your partner or people around you want. It is also important to realise that breast enlargement does not offer a solution to sexual or social problems.

It’s almost 2,5 weeks since I had the operation and I’m already really happy with the result!

Preparatory consultation

In the preparatory consultation, we explain exactly how breast enlargement works. We discuss the entire course of treatment and tell you about the risks and potential complications associated with surgery. Because Blooming Clinic uses various-sized prostheses, we are always able to meet your needs. In addition to the use of silicone implants, it is also possible in some cases to use your own fatty tissue to increase the breast size.

The procedure

Breast enlargement surgery takes about one hour. A breast enlargement is realised by making an incision into the breast fold and inserting an implant. The implant is inserted under the pectoral muscle or the mammary gland. This choice will be discussed in the preparatory consultation. The entire procedure will be performed under a general anaesthetic. When the implant has been inserted, the breast is wrapped with a support bandage. This bandage contributes to the overall recovery of the breasts. After the surgery, there is a risk that the body will produce fluid around the wound. Two thin tubes (drains) will be inserted to remove this fluid correctly. These tubes will usually be removed the next day when the production of fluid has come to a halt.


You can see some examples of women who have been treated by our team of plastic surgeons.

A lovely location with excellent, experienced plastic surgeons. They took the time to inform me about the result as well as the risks.

Follow-up care

After treatment, the breasts may feel sore and tight. This is actually quite normal and will gradually reduce after several days. To promote the recovery of the breasts, Blooming Clinic has a few handy tips:

  • Wear a bra day and night for the first four weeks after the surgery; (this will be provided to you to take home after the treatment)
  • We advise clients to refrain from sports and lifting heavy objects in the first six weeks;
  • Any movement that does not cause pain is fine and will not interfere with the recovery.

After breast enlargement surgery, the nipples may sometimes feel either less or more sensitive. This is normal and will usually disappear after a few months. For all treatments, we will decide what follow-up care best suits you. For most treatments, we opt for an overnight stay in either the hospital at the Red Cross Hospital in Beverwijk or the Kennemer Hospital in Haarlem. This way we can monitor your recovery and quickly intervene if there are complications. If necessary, we can be reached 24 hours a day.

Ever since puberty, I have always felt very insecure about my breasts. I wouldn’t dare to let myself be seen in a bikini, which meant that hot summer days were a nightmare. Looking for a bra was something I hated, and I did not feel feminine. That’s why I decided to find out more about breast enlargement. On the Internet (and TV) I saw many great results but never dared to consider it for myself. Lisa, 25 years old – treated by Dr. Staudt

Risks from breast enlargement

As with any surgery, there is always a risk of complications. Infection or bleeding may occur. These are general surgical risks associated with any surgery. A major complication that could occur is capsular contracture, which can occur years after the surgery.

Capsular contracture
After the implant has been inserted into the breast, a thin layer of fibrous scar tissue will begin to form. This layer of tissue is called a capsule. Generally, the capsule remains smooth and thin; however, in some women the capsule can tighten and squeeze the implant, causing the breasts to feel slightly harder (capsular contracture). Occasionally, this can be accompanied by pain and distortion of the breast. Plastic surgeons cannot predict in whom this will occur.

Prices & rates

Borstvergroting vanaf € 5.470,- Algehele narcose Ja
Borstvergroting tubulaire borsten vanaf € 7.130,- Algehele narcose Ja
Borstvergroting hybrid (protheses en lipofilling) v.a. € 8.500,- Algehele narcose Ja


Pieters, 30 years old treated by Dr. Staudt

For years I was discontent with myself. But because there was a terrible taboo on breast augmentation in my surroundings I hid my insecurity. When, after having two beautiful children, even less remained I lost my last bit of sense of femininity.

Scared of an unnatural result and the response of my surroundings it took me three years before I dared looking into a breast augmentation. Together with my husband I have visited a number of clinics.

Marja, 61 years old – treated by Dr. van der Pot

I was unhappy with my breasts my entire life. The thought of breast enlargement never occurred to me. I was always afraid of hospitals and surgery. This withheld me from opting for breast enlargement.

However, my discontentment, insecurity and lack of femininity were increasing. That’s why I decided to learn more about breast enlargement. I read several positive experiences on the Internet from people who had been to the Blooming Clinic. I found a lot of information on their website and after all those years, I decided to make an appointment, and I am happy to have done so!



In recent years, we have been declared best plastic surgery team in the Netherlands several times. This means you can expect to receive all the care and attention you require from us. We keep our promises and strive to provide the highest possible quality.


The intake consultation is the first time that we meet you and confidentially and openly discuss your wishes. During the consultation, we will explain the treatment and answer any questions you might have. Your intake consultation will always be conducted by the treating surgeon. The cost for the intake consultation is €50. This amount will be deducted from the cost of treatment. You can schedule an appointment with us by clicking the button below. For a consultation by telephone, you can contact us by calling the following number: +31(0)23 5444974.

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